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Hearing Aid Repair in Morristown, TN

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    For new patients that did not get their hearing aids from our clinic, we offer repairs for all major manufacturers for as little as $95. To schedule a time to drop off your device, call (423)307-8846 and we will be happy to assist you.

    When you need affordable and quality hearing aid repair services in Morristown, TN, Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists has you covered. We offer emergency hearing aid repairs on all hearing aid makes, models, and styles. Our hearing healthcare professionals make it easy to get the repair service you need on time and within budget.

    Common Hearing Aid Problems

    The average hearing aids last three to seven years. If you stay on top of routine cleaning and maintenance, yours can last 10 to 12 years. However, small technical or mechanical malfunctions can shorten the lifespan dramatically.

    Some typical problems with hearing aids include:

    There’s an endless number of reasons why your hearing aids won’t work. Our trained professionals in Morristown are here to find out the cause of the problem and its solution. Whether you need new hearing aid batteries or a better hearing aid, we are here to restore your hearing.

    If you think your hearing aids are malfunctioning, use our online hearing survey and then contact our office.

    How Hearing Aid Repair Works

    Contact our Morristown office to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. We will collect your hearing aid device and provide a timeline for the repairs. Depending on the damage and warranty, you may be eligible for new hearing aids from your hearing care provider. While you’re with us, you can also arrange for a hearing test.

    Our hearing loss technicians perform an in-depth inspection of your hearing aids before initiating repairs. We evaluate all components to find what works and what doesn’t. That includes testing the speakers, wires, volume, buttons, processors, and the microphone.

    Once our technicians diagnoses the problem, we will contact you before carefully repairing the defective parts. We also make sure to clean your hearing aids before returning them. We back all our hearing aid repairs with a limited warranty, so you can have confidence in our craftsmanship.

    hearing aid repair in Morristown TN

    Cost of Hearing Aid Repair

    The cost of repairing hearing aids depends on the issue’s location and severity. For instance, filter replacements and new earmold tubing will cost $5 to $15, while comprehensive laboratory repair may cost a few hundred dollars. At Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists, we charge the same rates, regardless of your audiologist or manufacturer.

    Most hearing aid manufacturers provide a one or two-year warranty on behind-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing aids. The warranty typically covers all repairs and replacements. You may still have to pay a hefty deductible to fix your hearing loss.

    Repairs cost more after the warranty expires. If you have a problem hearing because of a mechanical defect, like the microphone or receiver, expect to pay $300 to $400. If your hearing aids need a new case or face place, the shell will cost you $500 to $600.

    Call us at (423) 307-8846 to schedule your hearing test appointment today.

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    Protect your ears from hearing loss issues with a free hearing aid consultation today. Sit down with one of our audiologists to get the information and hearing protection service you need. We even offer complimentary tips to ensure your hearing devices last for years to come.

    Contact us at (423) 307-8846 to set up your consultation. You can also visit our office in Morristown to drop off your hearing aids for repair. Don’t forget to take our online hearing health survey to test your hearing loss before you come!

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