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When residents of Morristown, TN, need hearing care, they contact the Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists. Since we opened, we’ve committed to delivering world-class procedures and insightful advice. Our hearing loss specialists strive to provide all our patients with the audiology care they need to resume a normal lifestyle.

Recognizing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is far too common in the United States. Researchers at Johns Hopkins estimate that 38.2 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. If you have a hard time hearing on the phone or in day-to-day life, it’s time to get the hearing loss treatment you deserve.

Here are some of the common signs of hearing loss:

  • Asking people to repeat them themselves
  • Watching television too loud
  • Hearing but not understanding what people say
  • Avoiding social events
  • Difficulty following conversations

Fix Hearing Loss Before It's Too Late

Hearing loss often gets worse with age. The initial symptoms will appear gradually as your hearing deteriorates. At first, you may find yourself not remembering all the information from a conversation, eventually realizing you still cannot hear.

The sooner you schedule a hearing appointment, the better. Proactive diagnosis and medical treatment can dramatically increase your odds of recovery. A simple treatment, such as a hearing aid, can make a significant difference in your ability to tune out noise and distinguish voices. Get a FREE hearing aid consultation at Smoky Mountain Hearing Aid Specialists in Morristown, TN. 

Our Services

Hearing Aids

If you suffer from hearing loss, you have many choices for hearing aids including Behind-the-ear (BTE), In-the-canal (ITC), and Completely-in-the-canal (CIC).

Behind-the-ear models provide a customized and discreet device, while the mini-BTE aids come in a smaller, more convenient option. In-the-canal (ITC) or completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids are completely invisible to outside observers.

Our audiology office works with all major insurance companies to deliver the hearing aids you need. That includes devices from leading manufacturers, like Siemens, Starkey, Oticon, and Phonak. We can even modify hearing aids based on the size and shape of your ear canal area.

A hearing aid won’t work for all types of hearing loss. When you first visit us and meet with one of our audiologists, they will help you find the best hearing aid style for your condition. An audiologist can also perform an in-home product demonstration and offer tips to keep your hearing aid in working order.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing care doesn’t start and end with an appointment. It involves cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids, so you don’t experience further hearing loss. Routine care can prevent your hearing aids from producing unwanted feedback or causing distortion.

Our team offers hearing aid services if your hearing aids don’t perform up to par while under warranty. We service any make and model, improving their sound quality, appearance, and feel. Schedule a free consultation to restore your hearing aids today.

Free Hearing Test

At Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists, we believe the first step to treatment involves listening to our patients to get all the relevant information. We want to understand your experiences and needs before we recommend a solution. We also offer non-invasive audiologist hearing tests that diagnose tinnitus, hearing loss, and other disorders.

Our hearing center features the most advanced diagnostic equipment in East Tennessee. It helps us provide precise treatment to our hearing loss patients, whether they need hearing aids or implants.

Some of the tests our doctors perform include:

Patient Stories

"Can't believe the difference this has made for me. One of the biggest things that has changed is that I am even able to sit in the back of Sunday School and understand everything being said. I really had no concept of what I was missing before and am so glad I did this."

Commitment to Excellence

We opened our business as a way to raise the standard for hearing loss care in East Tennessee. Our audiologists in Morristown offer a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable and confident. From the moment you call us to your final treatment, you remain in control of your hearing care.

Each audiologist follows the industry’s best practices to deliver the highest quality services. We want every patient to experience life with complete hearing wellness. Our commitment to patient-first hearing care has made us the number one choice for hearing aids and implants..

We strive the be the best audiologist Morristown, TN has to offer. Read our hearing treatment reviews to get more information and insight about us!

I strongly suspected I needed hearing aids when I could no longer hear the hear questions from students in the classroom. My biggest concern was making an investment in hearing aids and still not being satisfied with what I was hearing. The staff made sure I was completely satisfied before I purchased my hearing aids. I would highly recommend them for anyone that suspects or knows they have hearing loss.
Karen Harris
Was fitted today with my hearing aid. Cried when I heard what I have been missing! Brett and Barbara are just amazing professionals as well. I strongly recommend this office to anyone putting off getting your hearing life in correct order! I am 44 and this is like a new lease on life!!
Melissa Meyers
Getting hearing aids has improved my day to day life tremendously. It is amazing how much better I can hear and how much it has helped me in so many areas of my life. Thanks Brett!
Candice McMillian
I have had two sets of hearing aids from other establishments prior to the ones I am presently wearing. Thanks to Brett Parish being more interested in my ability to hear than just selling me another pair of hearing aids this is the first ones I have been able to wear. I love these aids as well as the easytek Bluetooth device that allows me to talk on phone hands free.The staff at Smoky Mountain Hearing is very friendly and accommodating Thanks for getting my hearing back.
William Williams

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Customized Wellness Plans

At Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists, we believe in hearing healthcare that is as unique as you are. Our team develops personalized wellness plans that restore your hearing to its maximum potential. Everyone on our staff works tirelessly to ensure you get the results you want at a price you love.

brett parish smoky mountain hearing specialists

Brett A. Parish, H.I.S.

At Smoky Mountain Hearing Specialists, we believe in hearing healthcare that is as unique as you are. Our team develops personalized wellness plans that restore your hearing to its maximum potential. Everyone on our staff works tirelessly to ensure you get the results you want at a price you love.

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Make hearing your priority. We offer free hearing evaluations that are the first step to correct your hearing loss. Our knowledgeable and friendly audiologists take the time to listen to you and recommend solutions based on your needs.

Contact us by phone at (423) 307-8846 or email at to schedule your appointment and get more information about us. You can also visit our location at 1501 E Morris Blvd in Morristown, TN 37814, right off of Andrew Johnson Hwy.

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